"I’m walking across the street from my apartment to a hotel. We were mobbed by journalists and paparazzi. I had a microphone stuck on my mouth and they said ‘what’s your main consideration?’ and I said ‘her, here.’"

News Corp. head Rupert Murdoch • Complaining about getting “mobbed” by the press over the phone-hacking inquiry. Note: He’s in the media industry. He indirectly hires people to do this for a living. One of his lower-levels at Fox News, Griff Jenkins, is so well-known for being the jerk who ambushes people that people ambush Griff sometimes. He doesn’t see the irony in complaining about it? (via shortformblog)

Maybe now he should start considering how Millie Dowler’s family felt when reporters deleted messages on her phone during hacking, giving them false hope. Or how Hugh Grant’s non-celebrity parner felt, being hounded by the press merely for being pregnant. Or her mother, who was nearly ran over by one of his paparazzi desperate for a scoop. Or indeed any number of people his media empire has hurt.

But he won’t, because he’s not human enough for empathy.

(via shortformblog)