Also, Mitt Romney calling the President “detached and out of touch” is like a multimillionaire who owns two mansions, six cars and who thinks “corporations are people, my friend” calling someone “detached and out of touch.”


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Romney Ad of the Day: Mitt Romney’s first commercial of the general election cost upwards of $1 million, and begins airing Tuesday in Ohio, Iowa, Virginia, and North Carolina.

John F. Harris, filling in for Mike Allen on Politico’s “Playbook,” makes two observations: the spot is positive (it looks like negative ads have been left for now to outside groups like Restore Our Future and Crossroads), and there is a Spanish-language version (acknowledging the effort needed to close the gap among Latino voters).

Is Romney’s first day in office everything you imagined?


That’s laughably light on any substance. It’s ironic that the most true part is “I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message”, something he can’t do 90% of the time.

So his focuses are:

1. A pipeline, allowing further reliance on a fuel source that is becoming scarce and increasingly redundant;

2. Tax breaks for his friends businesses, who get plenty of them thanks and are still not creating jobs anyway;

3. Getting rid of a healthcare system that finally sees the US join the rest of the civilised, AAA credit nations of the world

Right, so basically:

Fuck modernity, I want it to still be the 80s.

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