Quick final post

So, that’s my selected best photos of the day up, and so I’ve now gone back through the posts and added notes to the images as well. Give them a read, it’s normally worth it…


Haworth - Oddities and Curios

There was some seriously odd and amazing stuff we saw along the way, and I had to document it.

And yes, spatula art. I wanted the set.


Haworth - Brontes

Of course, you can’t go to Haworth and not surround yourself with Bronte imagery and history.


Haworth - The Apothecary

Famous for supplying Branwell Bronte with his laudanum. Those cakes, by the way, are actually soap. And yes, there is a period clothing store in the back, complete with frilly knickers…


Haworth - Main Street Stores


Haworth - Scenery

Those three streets all lead to each other, by the way, coming up from the station. It’s like they knew!


Haworth - Travelling


Fair warning: several image posts coming

Each one is tagged photography and haworth, if you use Tumblr Savior and don’t want to see…


It started out quite innocent; Al Yankovic tweeted:

Never! NEVER!!! 

And I retweeted it as:

What eldritch horrors are contained within, I wonder? RT: Never! NEVER!!!  

And then I thought: I should make it look a little more, y’know… eldritch.


New iPhone photo apps = more layers to the process of getting what I consider an interesting photo. From the top:

Original image

Filter pass with Camera+ “Night” filter followed by second filter pass with Camera+ “Clarity” filter

Refocus with TiltShiftGen

Layers of colouring added with Photoshop Express

Sketch effect added with Photoshop Express

Sharpening mask applied in Photoshop Express

All colour removed bar on Jack with Colour Splash

"Dublin" colouring layer and "Gritty" texture applied in Wood Camera, followed by reapplication of tilt shift effect

"Patagonia" colour layer and "Galaxy 1" texture applied in Wood Camera