Dan Savage freaks out room full of high schoolers with Bible-bashing talk

A preview of the week’s big controversy: Dan Savage, editor of recent Pulitzer winner The Stranger and creator of the “It Gets Better” project, spoke some trash on the Bible and what it says about homosexuality at a recent high school journalism conference. People started walking out. Savage didn’t stop. In fact, he made a point of keeping witty and joked when he was done that the people walking out could come back inside. Problem is, folks don’t have a sense of humor and are calling on Savage to apologize — Savage did, but only for people who were offended, not for the comments themselves. Our take: Have they read this man’s advice column? This is tame.

I love this guy, not because of his message (which I agree with), but his unashamed, I don’t care if you’re offended way of delivering it.