Wii U pricing: the mathematical prediction!

Japanese pricing is out:

8GB basic: ¥26250
32GB premium: ¥31500
Gamepad: ¥13440
Pro controller: ¥5000

Taking this, I have predicted the rest, using THE MATHS.

Using the 3DS XL a base conversion rate for pricing, direct translation of Yen to Dollar via XE.com yields a price 1/5th higher than the US, and the UK price is 9/10ths of the US price. So, we get:

Basic: $280/£250
Premium: $340/£300
Gamepad: $144/£130
Pro controller: $53/£48

So, at a guess, US price is $299 and $350, with controllers at $150 and $50, and UK pricing at £250 and £300 with controllers for £130 and £50.